What Attributes Does A Great Roller Shutter Have? Get Cheap Roller Shutter In UK

What Attributes Does A Great Roller Shutter Have? Get Cheap Roller Shutter in UK By Direct Roller Shutters

When you search around you look some great options on the market for roller shutters which are either too expensive or of lower quality. Before you get yours; there are some vital elements which you should consider before buying rollers shutters. Let’s have a look below!

1 They Have A Good Insulation Value

The temperature of your room is incredibly important if you need cold storage. Reducing the possibility for fall in temperature is vital; therefore, shutters help you to maintain good insulation throughout the process.

2  They Have Smart Integration

Shutters with smart control logic are best to invest in. Many transport and logistics companies need shutters with smart integration system and they consider purchasing The Compact Sectional Door-all in one controller.

3  They Have A Good Seal

A good seal on roller shutters is quite important to protect your structure and premises. This keeps temperatures consistent, avoid noise pollution, keeps insects away and other things out of your building.

4 Low Maintenance

It is no secret that every home and business owner look for shutters that offer low maintenance facility by the self-repair feature installed inside it. There are many manufacturers that claim their product to have self-repair feature but no matter what they show you, it’s your job to do testing at multiple levels to ensure this claim. Beware of choosing the cheapest product, for the sake of saving time and your bank account right now.

Do your facilities have all the above need for speed, integration, seal and self-repair? If yes, view our roller shutters directory that offer a range of affordable products. With the added benefit of ‘self-repair’ feature, we are leading this industry nowadays. If interested to purchase, find out cheap roller shutter Parts in UK.

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Why UK Electric Roller Shutters Are Highly Popular These Days?

Why UK Electric Roller Shutters Are Highly Popular These Days?

Are you looking for a system that provides an ease-of-use and security for the whole family? Here we got the benefits of installing electric roller shutters system for your home and business place.

When you install electric roller shutters, you will find ease to control your shutters without moving your place. A touch button is used to control those means you will never have to walk around to manually wind your shutters ever again. This would save you the time to concentrate more important household tasks. Even your child can control the shutter movements easily.

How Do Electric Rollers Shutters Work?

The manufacturers are using extruded aluminum slats for the manufacturing of shutters as they are controlled by an electronic control system, connected to your home’s main power supply. For your ease, a push button is given to make you able to easily adjust your shutters to open or close. A battery-powered remote control is just you need to learn to operate.

Why Choose Direct Roller Shutters ?


We believe in customer satisfaction. We have a vast variety of electric roller shutters available for our customers, yet we accept and deliver customized shutter on time.

Intruder Tamper Prevention:

This is an advanced security link system installed by default to prevent unwanted intruders from making vandalism attacks or break-ins from the outside.

 Obstacle Detection System:

This allows you to detect any obstacles that might come in the way during the opening or closing of the shutter and adjust accordingly.

Installation facility

We can also install security shutters for doors or windows, security grilles, security screens, and security bars. We offer affordable roller shutters direct to you.

Thoroughly Tested & Refined

We are known for ensuring the highest level of safety and quality. No matter what type of shutters you are looking for, we provide you 100% satisfaction in terms of product and on time delivery.

If you are looking for the best UK electric roller shutters do give us a call on 0121 – 520 – 6505 or send us email at info@directrollershutters.co.uk.


Are You Looking For The Lowest Roller Shutters Price In UK?

Are You Looking For The Lowest Roller Shutters Price In UK? Ping Us Right Now!

Roller shutters are in high demand by the people of USA, Canada, UK and other countries where there are more chances of weather and vandalism attacks. These are best to install at home and business premises. In addition to providing protection against thief, trespassers, and criminals, they offer many great benefits such as insulation, solar shading, sound proofing, and ventilation.

Why Choose Direct Roller Shutters?

Our market leading doorsgrilles and security shutters have gained hearts of people living throughout the U.K. covering West Bromwich, West Midlands, Dudley, Tipton, Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Solihull, Coventry, Lichfield, and Worcester. Our products are compatible for residential and commercial applications that provide a great physical security solution to your home or business at an affordable price.

Customization is our priority

Our options are endless. We believe in making our customers satisfied and pay attention to details provided by them. Our shutters are available to order in many different colors and designs. Also we welcome your customization details.

After sales services

Our high quality doors and shutters are simple to install and we provide after sale services as well. You can contact us anytime for our services.

Friendly impartial advice

We provide friendly advice to all our clients. From initial enquiry through to technical advice, our industry experts provide you an advice and answer queries you may have.

The Benefits of Buying Online Roller Shutter Doors

  • Easy ordering process (telephone ordering)
  • Fast and efficient delivery
  • Free impartial technical advice.
  • Customized products that match your individual specifications.

Ping Us!

So regardless of whether you need a large industrial roller doors or small domestic roller shutter please do not hesitate to give us a call as we have the right product to meet your requirements. To learn more about us, take a look around our website or call us on 0121 – 520 – 6505 and we will be pleased to serve you with a no obligation quote and best roller shutters price in UK.

Get Durable, Reliable and Safe Roller Shutter Doors in the UK

Get Durable, Reliable and Safe Roller Shutter Doors in the UK

Roller shutter doors provide numerous benefits and are gaining a lot of popularity these days. These doors aren’t only used for commercial but homeowners are also installing to protect their home from thefts, burglary, and natural weather attacks. These doors provide a secure environment and peace of mind as they reduce the chances of break-ins.

Why should you use roller shutter doors in the UK?

Break-in protection:

By installing roller shutters doors you can save your property from intruders, burglaries, vandalism attacks. They are strong and reliable and are not easy to remove as they are very tightly fitted to the doors.

Energy saving:

Roller shutters act as insulators and can help you to lower down energy consumption. Once you get these doors install you will see a nice percentage of energy bill savings.

Weather protection:

They provide protection from hurricanes, floods, tornados and other harsh weather conditions. In the UK, people remain alert from hail storms, heavy rains, severe storms etc, as these weather attacks occur more frequently, therefore, protection is a must-have.Noise reduction:

By installing rollers shutter doors you will notice the reduction in the exterior noise; noise pollution. This way your stress level will be maintained.

 Light control

If you don’t want enter the light inside your premises, roller shutters can be used to control the sunrays entering your property. Depending on your requirements, you can either completely lower down the shutters or leave them half open.

Why Choose Us?

Direct Roller Shutters, is a renowned company in the UK, providing a wide range of roller shutters. We have a pool of highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals, serving the industry since long. We do not believe in ‘one size fits and so we love to make custom orders no matter what your specifications will be.  We closely understand your demands and help to provide the most suitable and affordable roller shutter doors according to specific needs as well as budget.

After sales service: For later repair and maintenance services you can contact us anytime and our team will approach you. For instance, if your roller shutter door is not fitted or working properly, we will repair it and try to fix it as soon as possible.

Common Problems with Roller Shutter Repair London

Common Problems with Roller Shutter Repair London

Shutter blinds are getting more popular day by day. As they’re installed for the protection of premises, therefore it is necessary to keep them up-to-date and maintain. If shutters are not properly maintained they protection measures will be reduced. Roller shutter repair London is essential to maintain high-security measures. Poorly installed roller shutters cause security problem and need to be repaired.

Indicators for Roller Shutter Repair London is Needed

Every roller shutter needs to be repaired after a specific time period and maintained on regular basis. If you’re finding the shutter doors damaged or broken they immediately need repairing services. In such cases, the landlord might be afraid that someone will be able to break-in and can damage resources. Here are few indicators to ensure that your roller shutter repair London is required.


If your roller shutter is causing unnecessary noise, there is a need for maintenance or repairing. If it is making unusual sounds while opening and closing, this is the right time to look at it. Shutter noise needs your attention because it significantly displays that there is a problem in smooth operation.


One of the most significant purposes of shutter door installation is to keep your place secure from natural elements. So, if you’re feeling cold air coming to your place, it’s right to contact the experts.


Dents sometimes don’t seem like a big deal. If your roller shutter bent due to some accident or weather condition, you need to contact the service provider for roller shutter repair London. Especially if the spots are big, they immediately need fixing to work smoothly.

Operational Problem

If your shutter doors are on operating with ease and causing a problem in opening and closing. Missing smoothness means you should go for repairing or maintenance.

These are the common signs that display that your shutter doors need repair. If your roller shutter doors or windows are damaged, it will be dangerous for the place. Call direct roller shutters for any such situation to get immediate and reliable services. We’re offering wide customer shutter services 24 hours a day. Our roller shutter repair services are available anytime because our experts are keen to serve you. These are the significant signs will surely guide you in repairing with best services.

How To Keep Garage Doors In West Midlands Cool In Summer?

How To Keep Garage Doors In West Midlands Cool In Summer?

The garage is considered the most neglected place of home. Some of the landlords even pay more attention to the basement but ignore the garages. Garages should have more importance because they are essential extensions of the living space. In summer, its temperature is high in the living area, the garage will capture more heat and humidity. Let’s suppose you’re not using space for months, still in need attention during the weather change. Raising humidity level can damage the garage doors in West Midlands. Due to unusual dirt, they may create a problem in routine operation.

Here are few important tricks to handle temperature changes and prevent the damages of garage doors.

Garage Doors in West Midlands Insulation

Insolation and weather handling is the foremost thing to consider while selecting and installing the garage doors. Its temperature of the garage is high that humidity also increases. Old doors will not work properly due to space and sealing etc. While selecting the garage doors in West Midlands you have to check the model and other insulation features. It is essential to enhance the protection of location. Furthermore, allow the heat to go outside from the garage to make temperature normal.


Let’s assume that you’re living near the location with increased humidity during the summer season. You have to have a few important steps. First of all, try to measure the water vapor available in the air. Almost 50% humidity is enough to make the atmosphere comfortable. In order to control the humidity level of your place invest to have a dehumidifier.

Cooling Concerns

If your garage doors in West Midlands in used on daily basis there is a need to think about including some cooling system to keep the temperature high. In order to keep the temperature of garage normal, AC is not a single option but ventilation can also be included to manage heat.

So, shutter doors are not for home, warehouse and business place. It is also used to improve the protection of the garage. The first step is to select the best garage doors in West Midlands. Contact us for the best solution that surely keeps your protective, secure and satisfied. If you need any assistance, contact us with your query.

Important Roller Shutter Parts in UK

Like all other things, roller shutters are also made of different small parts. Roller shutters are actually the curtains that move up and down within the rails and these rails are tenable to the outside of window and doors. Guide rails are the necessary support of headbox. Here we’ve explained about few roller shutter parts in UK.

Guide Rails

The guide rails are important to support headbox. They have griped the shutter from and doors from both side that helps in improving the insulation for noise, temperature and sunlight control. These guide rails are quite secure for doors & windows. It automatically raises the security of place if the shutters are in down position. No one can access the location.

Head Box

While discussing the roller shutters parts in UK headbox is necessary to know. It is available at the top of the roller shutter in a different type of materials. Aluminum is one of the most recommended head box material due to its excellent functionality. As different in sizes, it is also available in different sizes according to the place comfortability.

Aluminum Head Box

Headbox made of aluminum are the excellent choice to manage whether changes. It is proven with exceptional coating qualities for the shutters. This type of headbox is more comfortable, thick, lightweight and corrosion resistant.

Side Frame

You’ll see the end plates that are fitted to the headbox of roller shutter doors with Aluminum Rivets. They offer the best weather resistance that could be caused by using diverse metals. One pin at the lower side is implanted into the guide rails, therefore, it head box get support from guide rails. These side frames are available in different sizes and colors according to the head boxes.


Stoppers are important for roller shutters as they are helpful in preventing the shutter to completely go in headbox when rolling upwards. Stoppers with good quality are beneficial for smooth shutter moving operation.

Some roller shutter parts in the UK are:

  • Ball Bearing
  • Eng Cap
  • Octagonal Tube
  • Anti-Push Device
  • Motor
  • Motor Brackets
  • Aluminum Slats
  • Side Clips
  • Switch

If you’re seeking for best roller shutter parts in UK, feel free to contact direct roller shutters. We have the best products available that meet all your security requirement and satisfy your appetite.

Protect Your Home High-Quality Roller Shutters In Birmingham?

With the start of summer season, the people of Birmingham get themselves ready for the challenge of heat and the threat of bushfires. The fire might start with human error or due to any other weather condition. High-quality roller shutters in Birmingham and especially required to protect your home from fire and temperature in summer.

High Weather Temperature Protection:

Different areas in Birmingham are bushfire in high weather temperature. If you’re living near to such an area, it may cause a great risk for your surroundings and place. Fire danger near to your personal property is a harmful thing. Regular doors and windows can’t fight against such a situation. Therefore, you need to consider the other protection approaches to keep your place secure. You can get complete guideline from the authorities and people living near to you. Furthermore, shutter supplier also helps by installing fire-protected roller shutters in Birmingham.

Maintenance Required:

If you’re thinking that you’ve already got complete protection against the bushfires, always remember the standards of the place during construction of your building. Also, don’t forget to complete the maintenance and upgrades on regular basis. These changes might seem to be quite expensive but are necessary to protect your place. Installation and regular maintenance of fire-protective roller shutters are available for such purpose.

Smoke And Heat:

The threat is not just the fire flames but also the heat as well as smoke. Sometimes, you’re not seeing the flames but facing problem due to smoke and heat. These are also the forms of fire threat that need to avoid for home protection. The aluminum roller shutters in Birmingham are also available to provide protection in such cases. Installation of the right solution has eliminated or reduced the risk positively.

Roller Shutters in Birmingham:

The safety with the support of roller shutters in Birmingham could be used in different forms. You can protect your place manually, remotely and electronically through the shutters. They’re installed with heat shielding properties. A strong shutter helps you in eliminating the stress that could be caused due to bushfire. It gives peace to your mind.

If you’re still seeking for some other information to install high-quality fire-protected roller shutters in Birmingham, contact us now and share your concerns. Our professionals can visit your place to give the most relevant suggestions and solution.

Manual VS Electric Shutter Doors UK: Which Suites Best for Me?

Manual VS Electric Shutter Doors UK: Which Suites Best for Me?

In the market, there are a variety of security shutters and doors are available for your home. But making the selection for the right one for your place is actually the toughest job. The shutter and gates are responsible for the security of your place, therefore, you’ve to consider a lot of factors i.e. lifestyle, budget, need etc. Let’s review the available options and find whether the manual or electric shutter doors UK work best for you.

Check your Budget:

If you’re bound with a limited budget for your place, you should go for manual shutter doors as they’ll be easily affordable to you. Electric/automatic shutters are costly to purchase and maintain. Installation of electric shutter means, you may expect to bear raise in electricity bill. The maintenance of manual security gates is also easy and affordable. So, we can say that manual shutters are a better option with a limited budget then the electric shutter doors UK.

Security & Functionality:

There is a wide range of security options that are given by shutter manufacturer and suppliers. These options allow the end-user to get the maximum from their selected solution. Some of the manual shutters with high quality enable limited access to the property by restricting it through special access code to operate the door. So, no unwanted or unknown person can access your property.

While electric shutter doors UK are offering a high level of security to competitive to manual option. It helps the property keeping secure form the buglers. There are a lot of features that are installed with electric shutters i.e. digital keypad codes, sensor deduction, and much more. Technology is offering unlimited benefits for electric shutters to keep you secure and protective.


Manual shutter doors are quite easy to maintain. You just need to make sure that you’ve cleaned up them according to the instructions once or twice a year. The maintenance time period is dependent on your place and area.

On the other hand, electric shutter doors UK have complex maintenance criteria. As these doors have electric components, therefore, you need to contact the professionals to ensure its maintenance. The selection of an ideal solution is entirely dependent on your security needs, and most importantly your budget. If you have a good budget, electric doors are the best option else go for the manual solution. Make sure that your selection should give worth to your money.


How To Maintain The Roller Shutter

One more benefit of ensuring roller shutters fitted is that they want very little keeps and maintenance to work at their ultimate efficiency.

There are some simple stages that you can take to retain them at their best.

Maintaining roller shutters:

An important phase of maintaining your shutters is to make sure that the guide along which the shutters run is clean, spotless, and free from any litter or wreckage. Sweeping this away is simple to do, but will contribute to continuing smooth job. Similarly, checking the board for any leaves, branches or dirt that may have found their way in there and sweeping these away is also very beneficial.

You might be contented with the roller shutter doors fitted at your place. They protect you from external noise, from the weather like wind, rain, etc. And more significantly, they shelter you from fire and intruders. They have a nice fit around your door and function efficiently. But are they spotless? Are they keeping up well enough? If not, then you should take on measures to clean and maintain your shutter doors so that they can last extent. Keep a regular check on the roller shutters so that you can be familiar with whenever there is a want to clean them.

Making sure that you open and close your window roller shutters with some maintenance will also contribute to their durability and trouble-free operation. Ensuring that the shutter doesn’t slam into the box on opening and that it is firmly closed before locking is also useful tips.

As a last maintenance tip, oiling the comportments once a year will certify that the rolling mechanism remains to operate smoothly while greasing the guide bars at the same time will also mean stress-free opening and closing

We are providing roller shutter repairing and maintaining services throughout the U.K. covering Dudley, Tipton, West Bromwich, West Midlands, Wolver Hampton, Birmingham, Coventry, Litchfield, Solihull, and Worcester.

Basic Features of Roller Shutter:

Garage doors

Shop Fronts & Windows

Electric (Hard Wired)

Unaffected by tough city environment

Do not want any special maintenance.

Have brilliant heat and sound insulation

Show up-to-date window design

You can get fit roller shutter in any place in your home.