Why UK Electric Roller Shutters Are Highly Popular These Days?

Why UK Electric Roller Shutters Are Highly Popular These Days?

Are you looking for a system that provides an ease-of-use and security for the whole family? Here we got the benefits of installing electric roller shutters system for your home and business place.

When you install electric roller shutters, you will find ease to control your shutters without moving your place. A touch button is used to control those means you will never have to walk around to manually wind your shutters ever again. This would save you the time to concentrate more important household tasks. Even your child can control the shutter movements easily.

How Do Electric Rollers Shutters Work?

The manufacturers are using extruded aluminum slats for the manufacturing of shutters as they are controlled by an electronic control system, connected to your home’s main power supply. For your ease, a push button is given to make you able to easily adjust your shutters to open or close. A battery-powered remote control is just you need to learn to operate.

Why Choose Direct Roller Shutters ?


We believe in customer satisfaction. We have a vast variety of electric roller shutters available for our customers, yet we accept and deliver customized shutter on time.

Intruder Tamper Prevention:

This is an advanced security link system installed by default to prevent unwanted intruders from making vandalism attacks or break-ins from the outside.

 Obstacle Detection System:

This allows you to detect any obstacles that might come in the way during the opening or closing of the shutter and adjust accordingly.

Installation facility

We can also install security shutters for doors or windows, security grilles, security screens, and security bars. We offer affordable roller shutters direct to you.

Thoroughly Tested & Refined

We are known for ensuring the highest level of safety and quality. No matter what type of shutters you are looking for, we provide you 100% satisfaction in terms of product and on time delivery.

If you are looking for the best UK electric roller shutters do give us a call on 0121 – 520 – 6505 or send us email at info@directrollershutters.co.uk.