Important Roller Shutter Parts in UK

Like all other things, roller shutters are also made of different small parts. Roller shutters are actually the curtains that move up and down within the rails and these rails are tenable to the outside of window and doors. Guide rails are the necessary support of headbox. Here we’ve explained about few roller shutter parts in UK.

Guide Rails

The guide rails are important to support headbox. They have griped the shutter from and doors from both side that helps in improving the insulation for noise, temperature and sunlight control. These guide rails are quite secure for doors & windows. It automatically raises the security of place if the shutters are in down position. No one can access the location.

Head Box

While discussing the roller shutters parts in UK headbox is necessary to know. It is available at the top of the roller shutter in a different type of materials. Aluminum is one of the most recommended head box material due to its excellent functionality. As different in sizes, it is also available in different sizes according to the place comfortability.

Aluminum Head Box

Headbox made of aluminum are the excellent choice to manage whether changes. It is proven with exceptional coating qualities for the shutters. This type of headbox is more comfortable, thick, lightweight and corrosion resistant.

Side Frame

You’ll see the end plates that are fitted to the headbox of roller shutter doors with Aluminum Rivets. They offer the best weather resistance that could be caused by using diverse metals. One pin at the lower side is implanted into the guide rails, therefore, it head box get support from guide rails. These side frames are available in different sizes and colors according to the head boxes.


Stoppers are important for roller shutters as they are helpful in preventing the shutter to completely go in headbox when rolling upwards. Stoppers with good quality are beneficial for smooth shutter moving operation.

Some roller shutter parts in the UK are:

  • Ball Bearing
  • Eng Cap
  • Octagonal Tube
  • Anti-Push Device
  • Motor
  • Motor Brackets
  • Aluminum Slats
  • Side Clips
  • Switch

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