Best Quality Roller Shutters In Town

Best quality Roller Shutters in town

We have a specialty in manufacturing super class installations of roller shutter doors in commercial and industrial areas. We also possess roller shutter solutions specifically manufactured for fire containment, intruder and severe environmental protection and non-manual access.

Our roller shutters are specially designed for industries and warehouses where instant access and security is one of the top priorities. We provide mainly three types of shutters that are prepared by leading manufacturers in the market.

Our highly experienced and professional engineers install each roller shutter, and customization will be according to your building’s specifications. We also offer 24/7 maintenance and repairing backup, and our backup team can come to any location in Wolver Hampton instantly to solve problems with your already installed shutters.

As we never compromise on quality, our services are unbeatable in the market. Contact us today for further details or come to visit us for a survey of your industrial area or warehouse for a free quotation.

Overhead Roller Shutters

To overcome current building entrance requirements, our specially designed overhead roller shutters will secure your premises or warehouse with galvanized sheets of metal which are fire resistant. These shutters are installed with precision by keeping them in accordance to your building’s access requirements.

To protect the premises from severe weather and environmental conditions our overhead roller shutters will be sealed tight, but at the same time provide instant access in and out of the premises by way of the variety of opening and closing mechanisms – automatic, manual and remote access are all provided to our valuable customers according to their needs.

Fire Resistant Roller Shutters

We’ve been continuously specializing in providing and installation of fire resistant roller shutter that is specially manufactured to instantly contain fire outbreaks.

We provide and install digitalized automated systems that work automatically, shutting instantly to surround an area sensing the presence of a fire hazard. Quality is maintained through the leading certified manufacturers we use for all our doors – all of which are fully tested and certified by the Modern fire safety standards BSEN 16-34.

Each installation will be carried out by our expert and certified team and is customized according to your needs. If you are looking for roller shutters in wolverhampton, feel free to contact us.

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