Manual VS Electric Shutter Doors UK: Which Suites Best for Me?

Manual VS Electric Shutter Doors UK: Which Suites Best for Me?

In the market, there are a variety of security shutters and doors are available for your home. But making the selection for the right one for your place is actually the toughest job. The shutter and gates are responsible for the security of your place, therefore, you’ve to consider a lot of factors i.e. lifestyle, budget, need etc. Let’s review the available options and find whether the manual or electric shutter doors UK work best for you.

Check your Budget:

If you’re bound with a limited budget for your place, you should go for manual shutter doors as they’ll be easily affordable to you. Electric/automatic shutters are costly to purchase and maintain. Installation of electric shutter means, you may expect to bear raise in electricity bill. The maintenance of manual security gates is also easy and affordable. So, we can say that manual shutters are a better option with a limited budget then the electric shutter doors UK.

Security & Functionality:

There is a wide range of security options that are given by shutter manufacturer and suppliers. These options allow the end-user to get the maximum from their selected solution. Some of the manual shutters with high quality enable limited access to the property by restricting it through special access code to operate the door. So, no unwanted or unknown person can access your property.

While electric shutter doors UK are offering a high level of security to competitive to manual option. It helps the property keeping secure form the buglers. There are a lot of features that are installed with electric shutters i.e. digital keypad codes, sensor deduction, and much more. Technology is offering unlimited benefits for electric shutters to keep you secure and protective.


Manual shutter doors are quite easy to maintain. You just need to make sure that you’ve cleaned up them according to the instructions once or twice a year. The maintenance time period is dependent on your place and area.

On the other hand, electric shutter doors UK have complex maintenance criteria. As these doors have electric components, therefore, you need to contact the professionals to ensure its maintenance. The selection of an ideal solution is entirely dependent on your security needs, and most importantly your budget. If you have a good budget, electric doors are the best option else go for the manual solution. Make sure that your selection should give worth to your money.


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